If you start using this place from this September, October, and November,
we will charge only 1000 Yen for an hour for the first 3 months.


Photos of the rental spaceErental classroom

Osaka Rental SpaceERental Classroom

Let's start your own class!!

If you want to teach something but you do not have a space,
you can start your own class at the
rental space Hummingbird

Osaka Rental SpaceERental Classroom Hummingbird
Osaka-City Yodogawaku Miyahara 2-5-15




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5 minute walk from Higashi-Mikuni station

3 minute walk from JR Higashi-Yodogawa Station

Higashi-Mikuni Station is 1 station from Shin-Osaka Station
and 4 stations from Umeda-Station


Please email us. We understand English




We speak English



1500 Yen for an hour
Minimum use is 2 hours